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Episode 5: Primates, Patriarchy, Politics, and Power

Alex Torpey February 17, 2021 57

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Rethinking with Alex Torpey
Episode 5: Primates, Patriarchy, Politics, and Power

In this episode, we will identify some of the ways that behaviors inherited from our primate ancestors got (largely) unintentionally built into our political (and other) systems over centuries, and what the consequences of that are today.

We’ll look at a few examples of leadership and decision making structures among other animals to help us try to think more critically about what values we can or should use to make decisions for our “group,” and how to create and implement better leadership in public systems.

This is another important foundation episode (As was Episode #4), and will give us the platform to do deeper analysis and discuss solutions in future episodes. If you haven’t watched Episode #4, I suggest checking that out first. In it, we discussed that the way that people have thoughts, form ideas, and take actions is very, very different than how most of us believe that works, in some really important ways that have significant implications for thinking about the systems around us.

Check out Episode #5, and let me know what you think by social media or email! If you like it, please like/subscribe on your favorite platform and forward to one friend!

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Alex Torpey (Photo: Stephen Voss)

Alex Torpey

From serving as mayor (non party affiliated) of his hometown of South Orange at age 23, a municipal business administrator, founder of a digital consulting firm, an emergency management director and volunteer EMT, and as a graduate level adjunct professor, management consultant, mentor and speaker, Alex Torpey brings together his uniquely diverse experiences to help provide us a platform to rethink the future of our communities, our republic, and ourselves.

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Rethinking with Alex Torpey
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